Monday , 14 June 2021

LCSD Prepares for New Year with New Schools & New Looks

Lakeland Catholic School District is ready to welcome kids back-to-school

Lakeland Catholic School District (LCSD) is excited to welcome kids for the first time in Lac La Biche, as well as give kids a fresh look to some long-standing facilities in Bonnyville. Communications Officer for LCSD, Amanda Wildman says the District is joyful in anticipation for the 2016-17 school year.

“We have a new school in Lac La Biche, Light of Christ Catholic School. The school will have pre-school to grade 8,” Wildman confirms that the renovations to the former Dr. Swift Middle School in Lac La Biche have been completed and the building transformed to the Light of Christ Catholic School. “The renovations are completed, the school has been newly furnished, the sign is up, and we have a new playground being install this weekend!” LCSD is elated to have a school in the community and has already signed many students up to attend Light of Christ. “We are having an Open House on the 29th, it’ll run from 3:00 to 6:30 pm. We’re invited students, parents, friends, and family to come out for the Open House and a welcome BBQ.” Even if you’re not attending school Wildman says everyone is welcome for the BBQ, “come meet out staff, meet our principal, get a tour of the school. Maybe it’s the right fit for you and your family; so come check it out!”

Light of Christ isn’t the only LCSD school that went through some renovations this year. Ecole Notre Dame High School’s major renovations continue, says Wildman. “Lots of renovations have been taking place during the summer. The busing lane, and the parking lot, are going to be ready for the first of September. The previous gym will be used, but the new gym will be ready for October 2016. The admin offices are temporarily set up in the old library, those offices are on scheduled to be completed, as well.”

Notre Dame Elementary also has a new look to it, “we had a renovation to the entrance way at Notre Dame Elementary. It has a vaulted ceiling, with a nice exterior on the entrance way. There’s also a large cross that’s set up on a pole structure, on the right-hand side of the entrance way. The new entrance way really lights up that space, it’s very welcoming and very modern.”

You can see the new entrance way for yourself, LCSD schools are open for registration. “People can come into the schools, meet the principals, get a tour of the schools and see if it’s the right fit for their child and their family. You can register there at the school, or online www.lcsd150.ab.ca. There is a registration link, you can get a fillable pdf there and fill out the registration online.” Also online are the school supplies lists; which are available on each school’s website, as well as Facebook. (Excluding Notre Dame Elementary which provides supplies)

To prepares students and parents for school, Wildman suggests getting in the school-mode early, “I always suggest that people practice their routines before coming back to school, so that it’s not really shocking that first day back. Practice going to bed a little earlier, and practice getting up earlier.” Another handy tip Wildman points out is making sure you’ve registered your child for busing (if needed), which can be done online.

The day before school all LCSD schools will host Faith Development Day, explains Wildman. “Faith Development Day is how we get ready for the school year. We have a keynote speaker coming in and everybody gathers. We talk about faith deelopment and it really sets the tone for the school year. We are Catholic school district, so we want to do it the right way and start on the right foot.”

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