Monday , 14 June 2021

New Software promises to Drastically Reduce Oilfield Paperwork

Simops Solutions brings apps and software to the oilfield

In the late 1990s James Yake worked as a labourer, for a big trucking company, in the oilfield around Elk Point. Sure he remembers the long hours and hard work that came with being a labourer on a busy picker truck; but what he really found frustrating was the amount of paperwork that came with the job. “There was so much, and it was always illegible,” Yake says he can’t imagine how much time is lost just from filing out tickets, gas mileage sheets, and other forms that go with running a truck. “What really surprises me is there’s been no change to the system since I left the patch in the late 90s.”

Yake went on to become a video game designer, owner of Snaketakes Studios, he’s designed countless games and software, but it’s always stuck in his head the amount of paperwork required in the oilfield; so he’s done something about it. Yake has designed software and an app, Simop Solutions, that’ll drastically reduce paperwork, the inaccuracies in billing and payroll and save countless hours. “In a nutshell its going to save Oil & Gas producers a lot of wasted money in manpower and resources; and in turn speed up the recovery of the Industry as a whole.” Yake says the paperwork can be entered into a computer program, either on a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone, right from the site.

“Which sounds almost impossible but we’ve found a way. Over the last 2 years have developed it into an easy to use application / software that we want to license to every single Oil & Gas producer in the world,” Yake says the application went live last week and they have been gaining a lot of attention and position feedback. “We’re doing rough average mean calculations and we should be able to save between 0.5 – 5% of an average Oil & Gas producers yearly bottom line.”

Yake claims that by building a state of the art interface and database web based application, “we can allow the Oil & Gas execs know exactly where all their men & equipment are at any given second.  Even more importantly it will take outdated forms of paperwork and digitize them reducing in some cases jobs that normally waste a workers time for up to 5 hours a day equaling a ton of waste in a year just for that single worker, we’ll reduce that 5 hours into 30 mins.”

By having employees enter the paperwork into an easy-to-use app, this’ll reduce time and money. Yake claims big companies, such as Cenovus, have warehouses full of just paperwork, bills of ladings, pos, gas mileage, etc. This system will turn everything digital, making it easy-to-find and store. And of course you’ll be able to print- if you still want that paperwork.

The software and app are ready to go, confirms Yake, “we can walk in with our nice new company touch screen laptop and demo the product properly on the projector etc… with the real software.” If you would like to learn more about this software or to set up a consultation, contact Yake,  at [email protected]

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