Monday , 14 June 2021

Lakeland Centre for FASD welcomes kids to Camp

Special camp for kids with FASD opens in the Lakeland

After a few fundraising setbacks, the Lakeland Centre for FASD (LCFASD) has opened their summer camp. “We have one main cabin, it’s about 1400 square feet,” confirms LCFASD Director, Audrey McFarlane. “we operate six camps over the summer, various ages and genders, for kids to have a great summer experience.” The camps are week-long, with overnight stay.

“We’re pretty happy to have the building up and running this year.”The camp was funded in part by private and industry donations; however with the economic times, LCFASD wasn’t able to secure enough private donations to fully fund the camp. Having not wanting to cancel the camp or wait another summer to get it going, LCFASD decided to move forward anyways, says McFarlane. “We took out a small mortgage from the bank; but we are still accepting donations.” Monetary donations are great, but the organization will also accept goods and supplies that could help the camp.

The organization hopes to secure funding to move forward with phase two of the camp, which would include a year-round events centre. “The original design had a big piece on the front, where you could host gatherings,” McFarlane says the events centre would be perfect for meetings, small conferences, or even weddings. “It could be a retreat centre for people, either for day-time or overnight. So when we weren’t using it, other groups could use it and that would help pay for the maintenance for the camp throughout the year.”

You can donate to the camp or find more information at, lcfasd.com.

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