County of St. Paul Supports local Groups with Funding

The County of St. Paul is assisting a six local organizations with various levels of funding. At the regular meeting on July 12th, Council heard requests from eight local groups, approved six of those requests and tabled two for further discussion. In most cases it was protocol to approve the funds, in the two cases that were tabled, Council wanted to look into available grants to help fund.


  • St. Paul Skate Park $30,000
  • St. Paul Soccer Association Provincial Tournament $2,000
  • Northeast Alberta Track & Field Club Road Race $100
  • U14 Provincial Softball Team $500
  • St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Assn $5,000
  • Mann Lake Golf Course Operating Grant $3,841.88



  • Ashmont Royal Canadian Legion $25,000 : Recommended to look into new Accessibility Grant
  • Whitney Lake $29,000 for indoor bathrooms & asphalt trail to dorms: Recommended to look into new Accessibility Grant.

The Accessibility Grant is a program offered by the Provincial Government that will match funds 50/50 for improvements to accessibility to public facilities. In each case the County of St. Paul’s grant writer will contact the organizations with the recommendation and if the groups need assistance going after the grants the County will help. Following the grant application and decision, the County will reevaluate the funding asks.