Sunday , 20 September 2020

New Doctor Coming to Elk Point

Elk Point will soon welcome a new doctor to its hospital, confirms Kristen Peleshok, facility manager of the Elk Point Hospital, “we have offered a physician position to Dr. Fouad Majeed and he has accepted our offer.” Peleshok explains it’ll be a few months until Dr. Majeed will being practicing in Elk Point.

“We just received sponsorship [yesterday], so he’s moving forward with the college,” Peleshok says the next step is a three-month assessment period, which basically means Dr. Majeed will be able to complete his training at a nearby health care facility. “As soon as he get assigned an assessor he will do three months [at a hospital] in the North Zone, hopefully close to here. After that he comes to Elk Point and does an orientation, which is usually three to six months before he can practice totally on his own.” Dr. Majeed is a general practitioner, who will work at Dr. Ayebami Oyebode’s office.

Peleshok puts rumours to rest that neither of the town’s current physicians, Dr. Oyebode nor Dr. Ramful are retiring and that a third doctor is needed at the busy hospital, “we are so busy, we need three doctors. We need another doctor to give our doctors a little break, because they are just so busy.”

Peleshok says staffing at the hospital is great, “we have just hired a RN (registered nurse), she just started [yesterday]. She’s an ER nurse.” Peleshok also instated a cross-training program to help nurses expand their knowledge, as well as fill gaps when needed, “our cross-training program is fantastic, so we can shift people from each department; which never happened before, so we are doing great.” The hospital recently underwent a major roof construction job, which Peleshok confirms was completed last week and the landscaping was done earlier this week.

With the hospital receiving a new doctor in the new future, the facility fully staff with support staff and nurses, and construction on the roof complete, things are looking really great for the Elk Point hospital.


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