Olivia Rose: Dedicated to Making it

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About an hour before hitting the stage as Cinderella in her Edmonton production group, Elite Performing Arts Company’s Imaging the Storybook Queen, Olivia Rose took a tumble off the stage at broke two of her ribs. The teen, formally from Elk Point, recognized she was in pain, but was unaware of the severity of the injury when she continued on with the show on Thursday of last week. Dedication is what it takes to make it in the music industry and you can’t argue the 17 year old has dedication.

“That night I didn’t even realize it.” Oblivious to the injury, perhaps due to the excitement of the show or the eagerness to perform, Olivia Rose explains, “my chest hurt a little that night, but the next day it [hit me]. My chest hurt and I knew there was something wrong.” Along with her solo singing career, Olivia Rose has been part of the Elite Performing Arts Company in Edmonton for two years; this year taking the lead role in the production.

Around 500 people audition for the production of 30 cast members each year. Olivia Rose is a self-proclaimed competitive person, “I usually play competitive fastball.” Having to give it up this year to focus on music and her theatre production, “it was a great outlet for me.” Now all that competitiveness is zeroed in on her musical career.

The six week recovery time on her rib injury will have the singer recovered just in time to open for Brett Kissel at his Hometown Homecoming on June 18th at Jaycee Ball Diamond in St. Paul. Kissel, who grew up in the St. Paul/Glendon area, asked Olivia Rose to join his show personally, unbeknownst to Olivia Rose. “My mom setup [the surprise],” the giddiness still in the teen’s voice as she explains she thought a Skype call was with someone else, when Brett Kissel popped up on her computer screen. Seeing Brett’s face smiling back at her was amazing… but there was a slight hick-up, “the sound wasn’t working, I didn’t know what was going on! I was freakin’ out, trying to make it work.” Technical issues aside, it was a surreal moment for the rising star, who actually had her meet-cute with the country superstar a few years back.

“I was actually on my radio tour for my single Make-up to Mud,” Olivia Rose stopped in at a bunch of Alberta radio stations for interviews and one in particular was highjacked by Kissel. “I was supposed to do an interview at the Medicine Hat station. A few hours before I was supposed to do it, they gave me a call, ‘so Brett Kissel’s actually coming into the station, so we’re giving him your slot.'” This may have thrown off any other artist, but not Olivia Rose, “they let me sit-in on a small concert [in studio], with 15 other people, which was really cool.” Dress for the job you want is what they say, “I was wearing my cowboy boots and he commented that I looked like a country singer.” That was Olivia Rose’s opening, “I told him I was and that I was from Elk Point.” An instant connection was made between the two artists, “we talked for a little bit and then sang Jolene together.” Who knows there may be a chance for the pair to sing Jolene together on the 18th.

It’ll be such an honour to perform with someone who grew up in the same place as me, who experienced all the same things as me, and can relate to my career. It’s so cool to see someone from where I’m from make it. – Olivia Rose on Brett Kissel

Olivia Rose grew up in Elk Point, but around the eighth grade her parents saw the spark in her eyes every time she performed grow bigger & brighter and they had to nurture it. So mom Gayle moved the teen to Edmonton to attend the Victoria School of Performing Arts. The school known for producing talent, chose Olivia Rose, of the 600 student body, to be nominated  the Mayor’s Celebrating of Arts Award for the Youth Performer Category; which she won. Olivia Rose is also nominated for three Edmonton Music Awards; including People’s Choice, Rising Star (under 18 year old category), and Country Song of the Year for Make-up to Mud.

You never know who you’re going to make an impression on. Olivia Rose says the best advice she can give a young artist looking to break out is to talk to everyone. “Go up and meet people, talk to them. It’s surprising when a [kid] comes up and introduces themselves as a singer. It’s worked good for me and I think it’s put me a step ahead.”

Don’t be afraid. Always put yourself out there and be your best you! – Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose is opening for Brett Kissel at his Hometown Homecoming show on June 18th in St. Paul, tickets are sold out. You can catch Olivia Rose in Elk Point for Canada Day. The singer will be returning to her hometown for a free show, for more information visit elkpoint.ca. Olivia Rose will be playing Extreme Mudfest in August in Bonnyville. For more info on the artist, her tour dates, and news visit oliviarosemusic.ca. Olivia Rose is on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @oliviarosemusic.

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