Fire Ban Downgraded to Advisory for MD

The fire ban that was in effect for the MD of Bonnyville has been downgraded to a Fire Advisory.

The fire advisory applies to parks and recreation areas, however, it doesn’t apply to cities, towns, villages, summer villages, or federal lands within the municipality.

The Provincial Fire Ban and OHV restriction that covers the Ft. McMurray and Lac La Biche Forest Areas, which includes the northern half of the MD of Bonnyville is still in effect.
MD residents living in that area are advised to monitor for information on the Provincial Fire Ban.

Under the MD’s advisory, no heavy burning permits will be issued. The use of incendiary targets and fireworks are still restricted.

Warming fires and fire pits in campgrounds that meet requirements are permitted. Also allowed are hand-piled debris piles at the discretion of the fire guardian, burn barrels, and gas, propane or briquette barbecues.

This Fire Advisory will remain in effect until further notice.

*Press RELEASE from BRFA

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