Cop Corner with S/Sgt Luis Gandolfi

As police officers we are taught to never accept gifts or rewards for the services we provide.  Right from day one those words are drilled into our minds.

This was never an issue until I arrived at this post several years ago and decided to go for breakfast with some colleagues at the Neighbourhood Inn.  After enjoying our meal our waitress came by and told us that someone had already paid the tab, and of course she couldn’t say who.  Over the past few years this has happened a few more times at different restaurants in town, the latest a few weeks ago at Timmies when a lady in front of me in a white GMC paid for my order and drove away before I even got to the window.  I waved but I don’t know if she saw me smiling at her.

Same thing at the office.  We often get little pastry dishes dropped off or coffee delivered, and almost always from an anonymous person just wanting to do a kind thing.  So I guess what I’m trying to get out is that we really appreciate your kindness and understanding, not only for the members here but also for our supports staff including admin support, guards, everyone.  Words like appreciation, respect, and understanding all come to mind when we think about these kind gestures on your part, and that you DO relate to us.

These are thoughtless act of kindness and we do talk about it after amongst ourselves, our families, and other community members.  So for those that have shown their appreciation in this way, at the risk of breaking policy I say thank you, and we kinda like you too.  Stay Safe.

*Cop Corner is written by Bonnyville RCMP Detachment S/Sgt Luis Gandolfi and has not been altered from the author’s original content

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