40+ Volunteers Help Unload Two Big Rigs of Supplies for Ft Mac Evacueees

A group of over 40 volunteers, made up of local students, football players, parents, and firefighters dropped their Saturday evening plans faster than a mic at a rap concert to answer the call for help at Bonnyville Centralized High School (BCHS) on May 7th. Like a social media bat signal the group heard help was needed to unload two 53 footers full of supplies and donations for the Fort McMurray evacuees staying in the Bonnyville area.

The supplies came from Calgary, where they have been donated, cleaned, sorted, and shipped to Bonnyville, all thanks to the Bonnyville Baptist Church who organized the supply drop. Mayor of Bonnyville, Gene Sobolewski, took to his Facebook page to give the volunteers a shout out appropriate of their efforts:

This is the undefinable spirit of our Lakeland. Volunteers unloading two truckloads of goods for use to feed and clothe our evacuees. Special thanks to Pamela at the Baptist Church for taking on this leadership and to Cory Baker for organizing the use of the BCHS gym (yes the same gym of the Santa’s Elve’s). This food came courtesy from the Calgary/Okotoks area. God Bless you all

There are events, discounts, and free meals, planned to help evacuees get through this tough time and get the supplies they need. Here is a map of Bonnyville & list of services, etc. Including free lunch today at one of the best food trucks around, Bushman’s Smokehouse. Tomorrow Sobey’s will be hosting a BBQ and Wednesday supper will be held at the Bonnyville Baptist Church.

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