Busy Spring for MD Peace Officers

Peace Officers for the Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville have been getting busier as the warmer weather takes over the Lakeland. Director of Public Safety, Chris Garner, says it’s been “busy, yet routine for officers. Typical of this time of year, when we have spring up on us.”

“There has been an increase of traffic complaints, as well as increased number of bylaw complaints,” Garner explains at this time of year these kinds of complaints will come in, “lots of dog issues and unsightly properties.” There was a small issue in Ardmore with a school bus, says Garner, “a small issue with a school bus, in Ardmore, using a back alley, that the residents didn’t want them there. We spoke with the School Board, Transportation Department and they dealt with it there.” Garner didn’t note with bus or school system, because it was such a minor incident, “the bus moved to a different route.”

People’s feet get a little heavier when the snow melts away, “we had some speeding issues in Fort Kent.” Officer Garner says there has been a few complaints and issues with big trucks, some not complying with the heavy load road bans, “we had some complaints about gravel trucks on Dupre Road hauling overweight in the banned part of the road.”

Officers continue to work with the local schools, says Garner, “they’ve completed some courses; such as, CSI and Right Choices.”


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