Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Tarp Auction Raises $154,000 for WPCA

The Bonnyville Pro Rodeo & Chuckwagon Association (BPRCA) held their annual Tarp Auction for the World Professional Chuckwagon Assocaition (WPCA) drivers at the Crown & Derby Pub in Bonnyville. The top driver of the night was a newbie to the WPCA, Layne Bremner, who is coming from the CPCA to race in the WPCA this year.

“The new guy coming in from the CPCA took the night,” no one was expecting that says Mitch Michaud with the BPRCA. Bremner was unique in his approach, explains Michaud, “best part about it is, he sold himself. He didn’t buy himself, he sold himself. He went around the night of the auction and talked to a lot of bidders.” While in Bonnyville Bremner talked to companies and people at the Crown & Derby, and ended up taking the top bid of the evening. Reigning WPCA Champion, Kurt Bensmiller, took the top auction bid, of $10,000. Bensmiller pre-sold his wagon to T’su Tina First Nations.

“BPRCA actually gets 20 percent of the evening’s Bonnyville sales,” Michaud says a large chunk of their funding comes from the Tarp Auction. “Sponsorship is huge for us! We’re very happy for those who came out to support us. Very appreciative. For those who were unable to make it, hopefully, they can sponsor us in other ways.”

In total sales, including pre-sales, the WPCA made $153,000, which was, as expected, down from 2015.

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