Tuesday , 5 July 2022

3rd Annual Rednecks with a Cause Gala

Rednecks with a Cause is hosting their third annual fundraising Gala on Saturday. All money raised at the semi-casual event stays in the Lakeland area to support autism education and programming, says organizer Gary Mostert.

“Rednecks with a Cause raising money for children on the autism spectrum and we raise awareness for autism in the Lakeland.” As Gary explains, the organization expands on awareness to provide real support, “we provide learning opportunities for schools and their staff; teachers and classroom aids, who work with children on the spectrum.” Gary wishes to clear up any misconceptions and reinforces that Rednecks with a Cause is a local charity, “all the money raised stays in the Lakeland; for projects in the Lakeland. We do not do anything with Autism Speaks Canada or anything outside the Lakeland.”

This year’s major project is going to be revealed at the gala, all Gary would reveal was it had to do with the local schools and the organization has already committed over $17,000 to various area schools. “All of the schools have been approached, were waiting to hear back from some schools,” Gary says the group sent out letters to Northern Lights School Division, Lakeland Catholic School District and Conseil Scolaire Centre-Est.

“We are doing the conference again this year, the last weekend of September. We’re looking forward to bringing a world-class speaker to the Lakeland, again, to educate the teachers and staff,” Gary says the group is still working on lining up which speaker will be coming.

At this time, there are a few tables available for the event and the group is looking for additional auction items. “The item I am most excited about are the Pasichnuk brother jerseys. They both played for the Pontiacs, and they both signed NCAA scholarships. It’s history in the making; two brothers, from Bonnyville, playing on the Pontiacs together.” Gary says the group would appreciate any donations that could help them reach their fundraising goals. “We are very thankful for all the great donations we’ve received till now. If anyone would still want to donate, we need a few more items for our event. I can come pick them up anytime please give me a call if you have something for us.”

To donate or to book a table, contact Gary at 780-573-6606. You can find out more about Rednecks with a Cause on Facebook. 

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