Tuesday , 29 September 2020

Cold Lake Considers a New Archway for Downtown

Cold Lake City Council is contemplating refurbishing the downtown archway.  Mayor of Cold Lake Craig Copeland explains the Economic Development Committee (EDAC) presented Council with the idea of erecting a new archway to help beautify the downtown core.

“We’re looking at doing an entrance into old Grande Centre or Cold Lake South main street,” explains the Mayor, “we’re going to look at different archway possibilities.” EDAC had asked Council to include Old Grande Centre in the design options and even involve the public by opening the design up as a public competition.

Council decided to move the archway to budget discussions during their deliberations in November. Should the archway make it through deliberations Copeland says Council will, “park some money for that project, then let the EDAC group come up with a design with a consultant.”

“We still have to get everybody on board to fund it,” Copeland says the recommended cost of the project would be $275,000.

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