Community & Industry Come Together to Launch Aurora #69

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Aurora  #69  drills  training  well  at  new  NLSD  Trades  Exposure  Training  Centre

Work  on  the  Northern   Lights  Trades  Exposure  Training   Centre  kicked  into  high  gear  over   the  last  two  weeks  as  local   companies  came  together  to  help   drill  a  well  on  the  site. The training drilling rig, Aurora #69, is now ready for students.

“The  support  we  have  received   from  industry  for  this  project  has   been  amazing,”  said  Board  Chair   Arlene  Hrynyk.  “Anytime  we  have   needed  something  to  help  us   establish  the  training  centre,  local   companies  have  stepped  up  to   make  it  happen.  We  are  very     grateful  for  everything  they  have  done  to  help  us  provide  these  opportunities  for  our  students.”

Northern  Lights  received  a  donation  of  two  lots  in  the  northwest  end  of  Bonnyville  through  the  Town  of   Bonnyville  and  Hammons  Holdings  Inc.  at  the  end  of  the  2014-­‐2015 school  year.  Over  the  summer,  the  lots  were   developed  and  a  scaffolding  shop  was  built  on  site,  with  the  assistance  of  R.  Batke  Oilfield  Ltd.,  which  is  acting  as   the  general construction  manager.

Last  week,  B&R  Eckel’s  delivered  the  centre’s  classroom  and  materials  for  drilling  the  well;  the  service  rig   (Aurora  #69)  donated  by  Ensign  arrived  on  site;  and  drilling  commenced on  the  well,  with  services  provided  by   Canadian  Natural,  Ensign,  GMack  Oilfield  Services,  Hallmark,  Xtreme  Oilfield  Technology,  Sanjel,  Weatherford,  R.   Batke  Oilfield  Services, Earth  Fluids,  and  Isley  Oilfield  Consulting  Inc.  All  of  the  companies  have  either  donated   their  time,  materials  or  other  services,  or  offered  them  at  a  reduced  cost  to  ensure  the project  is  completed  on   time  and  on  budget.     The  establishment  of  the  NLSD  Trades  Exposure  Training  Centre  is  the  latest  step  in  the  Division’s  plan  to  expand   its  successful Trades  Exposure  Program.

A  Dual  Credit  Strategy  grant  from  the  College  of  Alberta  School  Superintendents  and  the  provincial  government   kick-­‐started  the  expansion  of  the  program.  Last  year,  NLSD  also  received  a  grant  from  Western  Economic   Diversification  to  develop  a  service  rig  training  facility  as  well  as  a  4th  Class  Power  Engineering  Program.  In   conjunction  with  Coole  Immersive,  Canadian  Association  of  Oilwell  Drilling  Contractors,  and  Alberta  Distance   Learning,  NLSD  developed  a  5-­‐credit  gamified  online  Orientation  to  Service  Rigs  course,  which  was  piloted  in   NLSD  high  schools  last  year,  as  well  as  several  schools  outside  the  jurisdiction.  The  gamification  of  the  curriculum   is  a  unique  and  engaging  way  to  deliver  the  program  and  also  makes  it  accessible  to  any  student,  no  matter  how   small  their  school  or  remote  their  community.     Once  work  is  completed  on  the  Trades  Exposure  Training  Centre,  students  who  complete  the  online  Orientation   to  Service  Rigs  course  will  be  able  to  further  their  training  by  gaining  hands-­‐on  experience  on  a  service  rig  to   help  prepare  them  for  work  after  graduation.  That  training  is  currently  scheduled  to  be  offered  to  students   starting  in  February  2016.     The  centre  also  includes  a  shop,  which  will  be  used  to  host  a  new  scaffolding  program  that  is  currently  under   development,  as  well  as  future  trades-­‐related  programming  that  is  developed  as  the  program  continues  to  grow.

*Press Release from Northern Lights School Division