GREY MATTER: Episode 62 – Is it just a theory if people in positions of power are conspiring?

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In this episode, Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and William Dove have a conversation about the founding days of the Iron Will Report and Strong & Free Canada and the inspiration behind the work Will has been doing, the effect that mass psychosis has had on our collective population, and what we can do to stay informed and make a difference in the fight for freedom in Canada.


Will has had many experiences in his life which have made him resilient. From stage 4 cancer to the many smaller fights he has taken on over the years against petty tyrants who seek to exploit others for their own gain. In the summer of 2020, Will Dove (Iron Will) launched, a freedom organization dedicated to protecting Canadians against our government’s Covid tyrannies. As part of his efforts, Will began interviewing experts on all subjects Covid to fight fear with truth. Will believes that most of what we hear from our government and mainstream media is either misleading or an outright lie, including Covid fear-mongering, manmade global warming, overpopulation, and a long list of other bunk not supported by real science in any way.


In the spring of 2022, Iron Will Report was launched. Here, Will continues his fight to bring the truth to Canadians but moves beyond just Covid tyrannies to a wide range of subjects of interest to small ‘c’ conservatives and libertarians*. Government spending and corruption, mainstream media propaganda, the transgender movement, critical race theory, global warming, and much more. Will Dove (Iron Will) considers himself an ordinary guy doing his best to fight tyranny in order to protect the health, well-being and freedoms of his fellow Canadians. Will is proud to be Canadian, but he believes in the will of the people, not the government.


Dove & Grey explore the idea of the globalist agenda and how each of the narratives is being used to manipulate the masses through misinformation and outright censorship, why it’s dangerous to allow the government to hold their own inquiry into the enactment of the Emergencies Act, and how all of these topics are connected to the Globalists connected to the World Economic Forum.


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