Sunday , 16 January 2022
Town of Bonnyville Council art Swearing in Ceremony on October 26th, 2021. Photo Credit: Robynne Henry (Town of Bonnyville)

Transition for new Council in Bonnyville is “looking great” says Mayor

It’s a new year and a new council for the Town of Bonnyville and the Mayor says the transition for the new council in Bonnyville is “Looking great” on The Morning After with Lakeland Connect.

Mayor Elisa Brosseau of the Town of Bonnyville says, “It’s looking really great. Of course, there’s a big learning curve for a few of my councilors. So we’ve really taken the focus of, you know, helping each other out and being there for each other.”

“If there’s any background information on issues that are still going on, you know, making sure that they’re all informed that they have all the information that they need going forward making decisions,” Mayor Brosseau said. “And I was always in the mindset going into this new counsel that, you know, they’re my first team, they are the ones that we need to be successful as a team and it’s important for me to be there for them. So I really went in with that mindset. Going into this new term. And I think the transition has been really great so far, and I think we’re looking forward to this next year and seeing what we’re going to be working on as a Council.”

This week the Town of Bonnyville held its first council meeting of the new year on January 11. This week’s agenda included a request for a virtual meet and greet from Fishing Lake Metis Settlement and Northern Lights Public School Board of Trustees.

“They reached out to us and they’re looking at just a quick little virtual meet and greet, just get to know each other. Get to know who’s sitting around the table, both in Fishing Lake and Northern Lights with their school board trustees,” Mayor Brosseau said. “It’s just a meeting to connect and create that relationship. So that going forward, you know, if there are any projects or things in common.”

Mayor Brosseau says, “It just makes that relationship a lot smoother once we kind of get to know each other. And same with over at the school board. So we’ll be setting that up here. Hopefully sooner than later.”

The Mayor says it’s a new year and it’s back to work as usual in council chambers to serve the taxpayers of Bonnyville.

“I think things will start rolling quickly here in the next couple of weeks,” Mayor Brosseau said. “Everybody’s just getting back up and running. So I think it’s going to be a busy rest of January.”

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