Friday , 3 December 2021
RCMP File Photo

Vermilion RCMP searching for mud flaps soul mate

The Vermilion RCMP are dealing with a mud flap lovers quarrel which lost it’s soul mate on Highway 16.

“Can you help me find my soul mate? I’m a left-behind mud flap seeking its right-full pair,” the Vermilion RCMP stated on social media. “A recent break up with my last love on Highway 16 left my heart twisted and torn. I enjoy hitting the open road and flapping in the wind, but get tire-d of mud and gravel.”

The Vermilion RCMP would also like to remind Commercial Vehicle Carriers and drivers of their obligation to comply with daily trip inspections and maintenance/inspection program requirements under the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation.

“This poor mud flap is missing its soul mate. If you can re-unite it with it’s truck or trailer, you’d be like Cupid,” County Fire Chief Kirk Hughes said.

When the mud flap was asked by the Vermilion RCMP about the matter, its response was, “My breakup was unnecessary and hazardous to other motorists. If you can reunite us, please contact #Vermilion #RCMPTraffic Services at 780-853-4441.”


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