Wednesday , 8 December 2021
The new Mayor of the Town of Bonnyville, Elisa Brosseau. Submitted Image

Minute with the Mayor- Town of Bonnyville Elisa Brosseau

Mrs. Elisa Brosseau is our new Mayor in the Town of Bonnyville and she plans to have a positive impact on municipal politics. Lakeland Connect has taken one minute to chat with our Mayor to learn more about her for our loyal followers.

Having spent the last four years as a Councillor, Brosseau entered this year’s election to take a run at the Mayor’s seat. The people of Bonnyville have spoken and Brosseau received 942 votes against Duane Zaraska’s 333 votes.

Brosseau believes in living a simple life with her family and isn’t a stranger on Moose Lake. What’s the biggest advantage of living in Moose Lake one could ask? Well, the flag’s a big plus, but when she is not watching the amazing sunsets, the flag blowing in the wind, or dealing with mayflies, Brosseau enjoys the solitude that living in the sticks provides.

“We live out at our cabin on Moose Lake during the summer – no tv, no internet, nada,” Mayor Brosseau told Lakeland Connect. “And just this year we got hot water on demand, otherwise we were still boiling water to wash dishes.”

Washing dishes from all the tasty treats she makes for her bilingual family.

“I love to bake,” Brosseau said. “We are a bilingual family and I speak only in French with my kids.”

A French-speaking Mayor who won’t let you be cold in Winter. This strong independent woman isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, she can’t fillet a Codfish she told Lakeland Connect, but she can make splits. Otherwise known as kindling, and she can keep two wood stoves going.

“I can light a bonfire with a lighter or matches – no gas required,” Brosseau said.

Brosseau can also make a mean spaghetti, but that’s the only thing on the menu, otherwise, she is a terrible cook.

“My husband can attest to that,” Brosseau said.

However, Brosseau has never felt cheddar, because she loves charcuterie. Charcuterie is a French term for cooking devoted to prepared meat, such as bacon, ham, and sausage. Our new Mayor knows that charcuterie boards really are only popular because there is a whole generation that was raised on Lunchables and she wants to feel cool while eating them.

“I’m a sucker for a good charcuterie board and some nice red wine,” Brosseau concluded.

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