Friday , 22 October 2021

AHS declares COVID-19 outbreak at Bonnyville Centralized High School

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has declared a COVID-19/ respiratory illness outbreak at Bonnyville Centralized High School (BCHS).
“AHS declared the outbreak after we reported absences due to illness were greater than ten percent and that included cases of COVID-19 disclosed to us by individuals,” the Communications Department at Northern Lights Public Schools told Lakeland Connect.
“After reporting to AHS, AHS asked us to share a letter with all staff and students’ families,” the Communications Department at Northern Lights Public Schools said. “This includes an Outbreak Number that individuals can use when booking a test to assist with the outbreak investigation.”
In addition to sharing the letter as requested by AHS, NLPS has also posted the letter on the school’s website.
NLPS says they also continue to follow the requirements in the Guidance of respiratory illness prevention and management in schools, which includes:
  • Staying home when sick – all students, staff and visitors are required to complete the Alberta Health Daily Checklist before entering any of our facilities, and follow the advice about staying home and/or isolating and/or testing if they have symptoms. Anyone who develops symptoms while at school is sent home.
  • HVAC systems are maintained in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and we regularly circulate fresh air in schools while maintaining comfortable temperatures for students and staff.
  • Regular cleaning of all schools including disinfecting of high touch surfaces throughout the day.
  • Promoting hand hygiene including making hand sanitizer available throughout schools and promoting hand sanitization and hand washing with students throughout the day.
“We also did an enhanced cleaning of the entire school,”  NLPS told Lakeland Connect. “This is in addition to the daily cleaning that occurs every evening and the cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces and areas done by our day cleaners throughout the day.”
NLPS says they are continuing to monitor absences due to illness at BCHS, as well as all of our other schools, and they continue to be in contact with AHS to determine what additional steps may be required to address the outbreak. In addition, masks continue to be mandatory for all students, staff and visitors to all NLPS schools in indoor, non-instructional areas.
“We have also not opened up our schools for use by outside community groups to reduce traffic through our facilities,” NLPS told Lakeland Connect.

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