Wednesday , 22 September 2021
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Cold Lake single mom needs help to pay for stolen impounded motorcycle

A recent motorcycle theft in Cold Lake has left one single mom in a tough financial situation and she needs your help Lakeland.

Stacy Glover who has lived in Cold Lake since 2009 awoke to a nightmare on August 26 to find her 1999 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R missing.

“My bike was stolen out my driveway,” Glover told Lakeland Connect. “They couldn’t get it running so they damaged it all up and stole my battery, and my seat.”

The motorcycle thief then ditched Glover’s bike on 28th Street in Cold Lake and when it was found it was impounded at Straight Line Towing. The impound fee is currently $1100, a large sum of money for a signal mom of two beautiful girls aged eight and ten to pay. 

Glover uses the bike as a stress relief from single mom life, the open road and the wind in her face is something she will truly miss. It’s been a tough year for Glover, she experienced a house flood in her basement suite not too long ago, and then her appendix almost ruptured. Glover isn’t one to ask for help but with nowhere to turn she recently started a Gofundme to try to raise the money to get her bike back.

“It’s my last hope,” Glover told Lakeland Connect after we contacted her when we saw the Gofundme link. “I just have no clue what to do anymore. I just wish my luck would get better. This is the third bad thing to happen to me, so let’s hope it’s the end of my bad luck streak.”

When and if Glover gets the bike out of the impound lot she then needs to deal with the damages to her stolen bike. Money, she doesn’t have to spend.

“My insurance said I only have collision,” Glover said.

If you would like to help this single mom from Cold Lake turn her luck around you can do so by clicking here.

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