Sunday , 16 January 2022

Cold Lake First Nations Chief Roger Marten hospitalized for COVID-19

Cold Lake First Nations Chief Roger Marten has been hospitalized for COVID-19 infection.

Councilor Gina Russell made an emergency update via YouTube on September 8, at 12:30 p.m. to inform Cold Lake First Nations members of the Chief’s current status.

“I’d like to make a public statement on behalf of our nation to inform you that our Chief Roger Martin has been diagnosed with COVID-19,” Russell said in the video. “And is presently in the hospital being taken care of. He is in a induced coma and intubated. His vitals are good today. That’s a really good thing. We’d also like to encourage you to please go get vaccinated at the health center, call them 15 minutes sooner, And you can get it, then. And just wait another 15 minutes so it’s a half hour out of your day.”

Russell says, “Presently we have seven positive cases of COVID-19, and we’re waiting for multiple tests to be returned as well. We are sitting in the Lakeland area, the highest per capita in Canada and after the long weekend. We’re going to see those numbers rise even higher. The majority of the people who are in hospital, are those who are not vaccinated so we’re overtaxing the hospital so this is why we encourage you to get those vaccination.”

“Then, when if you do get COVID-19 you won’t be as sick,” Russell continued. “The family would like to extend their thanks to everybody for their well wishes for Roger, and their continuous prayers. Rogers vitals are stable today so that is a really good thing. And we just want to encourage you please go get vaccinated. And that’s it for today, one more thing. The family has asked that you contact the band office, ask for George Matatus. He will give you updates of how he’s doing. So we just want to give that message so we’re not inundating the family with calls and texts.”

Lakeland Connect would like to wish the Chief a speedy recovery.

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