Saturday , 27 November 2021

Town of St. Paul council approves new fenced dog park

In St. Paul, a dog park has been on the back burner of the planning agenda for several years now. Now, thanks to the Town of St. Paul council the plan for a fenced area for dog owners in the town is becoming a reality.

Several locations for the new pooch pound were discussed including Kendelstick Park, however, the council agreed that Lavoie Park was the best decision. Lavoie Park is situated in the Town’s southeast along Lakeshore Drive.

Kim Heyman, Chief Administrative Officer for St. Paul told the council that the quote for the fencing was based on part of Kendelstick Park being fenced off and this would likely only be suitable for smaller dogs.

Heyman told the council that a larger park could be put at the future home of the Lavoie subdivision, but maybe only temporary depending on when future development could take place. Parking would have to be considered as well and a larger budget for fencing may be required.

Councilor Ron Boisvert suggested Lavoie Park, enforcing the point that the size of that park would be ideal for a dog park.

It was decided by elected officials that Lavoie Park will be the new location for the fenced dog park in St. Paul.

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