Sunday , 2 October 2022
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St. Paul receives support from government for infrastructure projects

The Town of St Paul will see a combined investment from the Federal and Provincial Government to enhance infrastructure creating local jobs in the area.

A total of $6,211,732 will be spent which will create roughly 35 jobs in the town. Through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) Alberta has been allocated $3.66 billion by the federal government to invest in infrastructure projects valued at over $9 billion that strengthen the economy and build resilient communities.

Current Standard Capital Maintenance and Renewal Projects (CMR) in St. Paul include the replacement of the building management control system in the courthouse. The courthouse will also receive a roof replacement. While the Provincial building will see a installation of masonry expansion joints along with parking lot resurfacing.

“By investing in these projects now, we are laying the foundation for many spin off benefits for Alberta, including making communities more attractive to investors and employers looking to relocate,” the Government of Alberta stated.

St. Paul has also received approval for five ICIP COVID-19 Resilience stream projects with a total value of $2.1 million, of which the Government of Alberta has contributed $432, 510. These projects will provide much needed maintenance, such as new hot water tanks, to family and senior care facilities, and upgraded security at St. Therese- St. Paul Healthcare Centre.

CMR projects invest in vital repairs, St. Paul has four current CMP projects underway valued at a total of $3.2 million which will create 18 jobs. These projects will be completed in 2021.

St. Paul has 13 Seniors and Housing CMR projects underway valued at a total of $748, 232 which will create four jobs.

They include:

  • Suite renewals-Heritage Homes Two ($90,000)
  • Boilers and chimneys replacement-Heritage Homes Two ($180,000)
  • Handicap auto entrance systems on exterior doors- Heritage Homes Two ($7,853)
  • Removal and replacement of windows-Heritage Homes Two ($108,829)
  • Emergency replace hot water tank-Heritage Homes Two ($30,800)
  • Suite Renewals- St. Paul R&N Two ($112,000)
  • Emergency packs-Sunnyside Manor ($18,000)
  • Fire alarm panel and annunciator-Sunnyside Manor ($145,000)
  • Sprinkler heads replacement-Sunnyside Manor ($46,750)

“We are supporting Alberta’s Recovery Plan by endorsing and investing in these infrastructure projects,” Prasad Panda, Alberta’s Minister of Infrastructure said. ” We are getting hundreds of people back to work in good jobs that make a big difference in local communities.”

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