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The Town of Bonnyville declares June as Recreation and Parks Month

The Town of Bonnyville has declared June as Recreation and Parks Month.

Mayor of Bonnyville, Gene Sobolewski, made it official with a proclamation at this past week’s council meeting.

“Now, Therefore be it Resolved, that the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA) does hereby proclaim that June, which witnesses the greening of Alberta and serves as a significant gateway to family activities, has been designated as June is Recreation and Parks Month, which will annually recognize and celebrate the benefits derived year-round from quality recreation and parks resources at the local, regional and provincial levels,” Mayor Sobolewski said. “Therefore, the Town of Bonnyville in recognition of the benefits and values that recreation, parks, and leisure services provide, does hereby designate the month of June as Recreation and Parks Month.”

The area of Bonnyville is beautiful with its vast lakes and lovely campgrounds. The Mayor says these places and the great outdoors should be important to everyday living.

“We are fortunate to have a variety of recreation and parks systems providing countless recreational opportunities for all residents and visitors from around the world,” Mayor Sobolewski wrote in the proclamation. “Recreation and parks enhance the quality of life, active living, leisure education, and lifelong learning, helps people live happier and longer, develops skills and positive self-image in children and youth, develops creativity and builds healthy bodies and positive lifestyles, and enhances overall mental health and wellbeing.”

Continued in the proclamation the Mayor says “Recreation and parks build family unity and social capital, strengthens volunteer and community development, enhances social interaction, creates community pride and vitality, promotes equity, inclusivity, sensitivity, and understanding to cultural diversity, and fosters a sense of belonging.”

Mayor Sobolewski says, “Recreation and parks can be used for therapy and rehabilitation of individuals experiencing illness, impairment, and disability.”

“The benefits provided by recreation and parks programs and services reduce healthcare and social service costs, serve to boost the economy, economic renewal and sustainability, enhance property values, decrease vandalism, attract new business, increase tourism and curb employee absenteeism,” Mayor Sobolewski said. “Our parks, open spaces, and trails ensure ecological sustainability, provide space to enjoy nature, help maintain clean air and water, and preserve plant and animal wildlife; and Whereas, all levels of government, the voluntary sector and private enterprise throughout the Province participate in the planning, development, and operation of recreation and parks programs, services and facilities.”

Get outdoors and get active the Mayor says.

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