Saturday , 25 September 2021

Federal Indian Day School Community Support Sessions scheduled for Saddle Lake 

The Federal Indian Day School Community Support Sessions will take place in  Saddle Lake at Saddle Lake Seniors Centre, from June 2 to June 3 to help community members navigate the Claims Process.      

On March 12, 2019, a nation-wide class action lawsuit settlement against Canada was announced to provide compensation for people who endured harm while attending federally run Indian Day Schools across the country.    

Former Indian Day School students have between now and July 2022 to submit their Claims.   

Jill Mclean is the National Director with the Federal Indian Day School Community Support program.

“Completing a Claim Form in a safe and supportive environment can be an important step in a Claimants’ healing journey,” Mclean said. ”The Federal Indian Day School Community Support program takes a trauma-informed approach to delivering free, one-on-one help with filling out or checking the status of Claim Forms. Sessions are available by appointment to ensure they can be delivered in a safe manner.”    

Overview of services offered to clients: 

·       Help filling out a personal or Estate Claim Form, including the detailed narrative  

·       Help to check the status of a Claim or submitting missing information  

·       Cultural and healing support  

·       Legal advice from Class Counsel on level of harm 

More information on the Saddle Lake Community Support Session is available at https://indiandayschools.com/en/saddle-lake/.    

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