Saturday , 12 June 2021

Town of St. Paul to make livestream available for three months

A new policy governing the live-streaming of meetings and storage of video records was approved by Town of St. Paul council on Monday night.

It was the first council meeting to take place in council chambers since the beginning of the pandemic who socially distanced with additional tables in the council chamber.

Mayor Maureen Miller, along with Coun. Ron Boisvert, Gary Ward, Norm Noel, Tyson deMoissac, CAO Kim Heyman, and Director of Planning and Legislative Services Aline Brousseau attended in person. Coun. Brad Eamon and Director of Public Works Steven Jeffery attended via video conference.

In discussion of the live stream policy, Mayor Maureen Miller noted that they don’t need to specify how the video will be kept because the technology may change in the future.

According to the policy, “meetings will not be cancelled, postponed, or delayed due to technical issues related to the live stream.”

Coun. Norm Noel confirmed that the video recordings of council meetings would not replace the meeting minutes and that the minutes would remain available on the town’s website.

Coun. Ron Boisvert followed the recommendation from town administration and made a motion to amend the policy presented “to allow for three months of meetings to be kept available for public access after which the oldest video will be deleted as the newest one is posted.”

The motion carried.

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