Tuesday , 3 August 2021

Elk Point trick-or-treat hours set

Cold Lake and Bonnyville are likely to follow provincial Halloween guidelines.

The Town of Elk Point will be having Halloween following a discussion at the Sept. 28 council meeting of what neighbouring municipalities have planned.

Dwayne Yaremkevich moved Halloween hours in the Town of Elk Point be from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.. The motion carried with unanimous support.

“I just feel like so many things have been taken away or put on hold this year. Here is one thing where we can encourage people to wear masks and gloves and ultimately be as safe as possible and still able to enjoy it,” said councillor Terri Hampson

Coun. Debra McQuinn is a Halloween enthusiast and lobbied for the hours to be extended past dark.

“This is so much fun to me, I don’t get to go trick or treating anymore. I want to be the one scaring and doing all the fun stuff,” said McQuinn.

In the provincial COVID-19 update on Monday, provincial chief medical officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced a new website with tips for how to safely participate in Halloween festivities this year.

“I want to be clear. If you are sick, you need to stay home. If you are sick, you should not go to social gatherings of any kind. This includes the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend,” said Hinshaw.

The website recommends against self serve bowls of bulk candy and suggests using tongs, or finding creative ways to deliver treats like slides or catapults.

For people going door-to-door, it recommends costumes that allow a non-medical mask to be worn comfortably underneath and to minimize contacts with doorbells or railings by calling trick or treat from a distance and using hand sanitizer after touching surfaces.

Halloween parties should be kept small and hosted outdoors if at all possible to allow physical distancing between families and cohorts.

St. Paul trick or treating hours are set from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m, while the provincial recommendations will come to a future Bonnyville town council meeting.

Cold Lake will follow the guidance from the chief medical officer and continue to allow trick-or-treating, said mayor Craig Copeland.

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