Saturday , 8 May 2021

NLPS outlines what happens when your kid gets sick

While it’s inevitable that at some point during the school year your child may get sick, Northern Lights Public School have walked through the steps of what happens in these situations.

NLPS has provided parents a checklist of symptoms they’ll be asked to run through with their children each morning before sending them to school, and should any symptoms be shown the children must stay at home.

They’ll then be directed to self-isolate away from family members either for the recommended 10-day period or for as long as the symptoms last, whichever is longer to ensure safety.

Other family members won’t have to self-isolate so long as they aren’t displaying any of the listed symptoms or have had contact with someone that had recently left the country, and will be allowed to attend school and work.

Whether or not a child receives a test for COVID-19 will be up to the parents, though they’re urged to call 811 or complete an assessment on the AHS website and follow the recommendations of either source.

Questions have also been raised on what will happen if child leaves home feeling healthy but becomes sick in the middle of a school day.

The current process is to bring students to an infirmary which will be in place for every NLPS school, where they will be isolated from other students and have every surface they’ve touched sanitized.

From there, the child’s parents or guardian will be contacted to retrieve them.

If a parent or guardian can’t be reached the school will reach out to a student’s emergency contact — to ensure each student has an emergency contact NLPS will be sending out verification forms, and parents are being asked to name an individual they’re certain will be able to respond in the event parents themselves are unable to.

Any K to Grade 4 students not wearing a mask in this scenario will be given one which they’ll be required to wear.

In the event of a child beginning to exhibit symptoms during class, faculty will work with AHS to determine who the student had close contact with.

The school division will not participate in notifications unless instructed by AHS.

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