Monday , 27 September 2021
Bonnyville and District FCSS.

Bonnyville pre-schoolers to learn and play at “Grandma’s House”

Some of children’s best memories are spent at grandma’s and Bonnyville kids will get that experience this summer, just a little bit differently.

The Bonnyville and District FCSS announced a new program called Grandma’s House on Wednesday for parents with young children.

It is described as a strength-based drop-in program meant to enhance children’s well being and social skills.

“The program’s going to offer plenty of opportunities for children to exercise different skills,” said FCSS programmer and early childhood specialist Leanne Doonanco.

“Activities like crafts and playing outdoors are great chances to work on motor skills, for example.”

The program launches Monday, July 13 and will be available for children aged 19 months to five years old and runs from 9:30am-11:45am on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Parents interested in taking advantage of the program are asked to call in the morning of the day they plan on dropping off their children.

Drop-off days can be either sequential or individual, and phone calls will be accepted starting at 8:45am.

Doonanco also said the program could be thought of as an opportunity for parents to get a break.

“Say there’s a young mom that’s just had a baby with a three year old, or a new family that’s just moved to the community, and they need some time to catch a nap or go to a doctor’s appointment, that’s what we’re here for,” said Doonanco.

“If you don’t have childcare and you want your kids to have an opportunity to play with others, we’re happy to keep an eye on them.”

Parents will be asked to fill in a registration form the first time their child is dropped off, which cannot be done online.

The FCSS, which shares its building with the Bonnyville and District Daycare Centre, will be following AHS guidelines similar to the daycare.

That includes dropping your child off at the building’s designated entrance while the kids will get their temperature taken.

Parents will not be allowed to accompany their children to classrooms, but will be allowed to enter the building’s entrance for drop-offs and pick-ups one at a time. FCSS workers will accompany children to and from classrooms.

The cost for the program will be $5 per person.

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