Beaver River Fish and Game handing out yearly awards at community banquet

A celebration of some of the best catch in the Lakeland will be recognized on Saturday.

The Beaver River Fish and Game awards are set for an evening out with a banquet supper and recognition for member’s achievements.

Jean-Guy Tremblay from the BRFG encourages people to attend the event.

“What we do is the members donate meat and cook it and bring it there cooked so you get a variety. It’s kind of a smorgasbord of stuff,” he said.

“We do generally turkey or roast beef and stuff like that domestic meat…and deer roast, fish.”

The awards range from youth to adults in categories that include the biggest walleye, biggest northern pike, white-tailed deer, mule deer, and moose.

The BRFG is affiliated with Alberta Fish and Game, which is the largest conservation group in Alberta.

They have meetings Mondays and Wednesdays for their youth archery classes and are recruiting members all the time.

Contact Jean-Guy Tremblay to get tickets at 780-826-1214.