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Avalanche in 30

Tales from the Timebox: November 26th, 2019

Novice Avalanche

The wait was worth it. The first game of the year for the Novice Avalanche right here on Saturday morning. All the players, parents and grandparents had been patiently waiting in anticipation of what the team would look like in a game situation. The answer was great!
The Avalanche hosting Cold Lake in the new four on four half ice format.  Lots of speed on the half ice and players changing on the go, jumping out of the players box every minute and a half. All the players on both teams getting an opportunity to touch the puck. Jesse James Penner picked the top shelf with five goals. Most kids at this age can hardly raise the puck. But Jesse James may be the exception, he has incredible skill, strength and the knack of going roof daddy.
Theo ‘Long Horn’ Loughran, ‘Billy Bob’ Ballas and Jaxon ‘Magic’ Marcoux each with a hat trick. One of the most unselfish players on the team is Billy Bob. He assisted on three goals while scoring a hat trick himself. He also tried to set up some other players as well rather than taking it to the net himself and adding to his tally. Magic is one of the biggest strongest players in the line up. I remember his father Jason was a big tough player too when he played minor hockey! And Long Horn looks a lot like his grandpa Kerry with his long smooth strides and stick handling.
Hayden Badger and Ryder ‘Rhino’ Malo each with a goal and an assist. The two female players on this team seemed to be the most aggressive of all of them on either team. They hounded the other team and many times their own team mates for the puck. Ava Rawlake and Avree Lesyk each scoring their first goals of their career. Hopefully their parents kept the puck. This will not be their last.  Hudson ‘Hammer’ Krankowski, Lennox ‘All Out’ St. Arnault and Luke Osinchuk all with assists. ‘Major Tom’ Melnyk played outstanding in net. Obviously he has practiced there before or played some road hockey with his dad, the coach Chris because he seemed more than comfortable behind the mask with the big pads and goalie stick.

Micro Novice Avalanche

I know technically we are not supposed to keep score at the Micro Novice level. But what kid or parent and especially grandparent doesn’t like to see their name in the sports report. And even if they didn’t score they still get in.  This may be not totally accurate but fairly close. Five goals for Stetson ‘Shack’ Reynolds. Four goals for his cousin Tor  Tornado’ Aarbo and Jace Malo with two goals. ‘Mount Everett’ Hahn, Greyson Koppang,’General Lee’ Barstad all finding the back of the net with one. Assists by Aspyn Kelly, Jay Large, Jaydn Sakowsky, Landon St. Arnault and Thomas Morris.

Atom Avalanche

Thinking about getting some snow tires? Check with this guy first! Atom Avalanche goalie Brendan ‘Buzz Saw’ Kadutsik saw his share of rubber on Saturday at noon. 52 shots on goal was likely enough to make a few tires. Some of them got past him in the first and second periods against the visiting Bonnyville Pontiacs. He never allowed any goals in the third period at all. ‘Without a Trace’ Morgan with the only goal in the first period for the Avalanche assisted by Braylee ‘Wee Willy’ Lesyk . The third period ‘Notorious Nolan’ Ballas blocking a shot at center ice would go in lone ranger scoring a wrister from 20 feet out  to make the game 7 to 2. ‘Wee Willy ‘ going coast to coast adding one as well. Remington ‘Steel’ Reynolds coming out of the players box on a line change picked up the puck and had a breakaway. He just missed scoring to make it even closer. The Pontiac’s goalie coming up with a big save. The final score a respectable 7 to 3. Kestyn Quinney, Denys’ the Menis’ Kuba and  Jackson ‘ J.R. Rawlake doing a fine job of forechecking and  creating turnovers. The three big D Men, Jaxon ‘ Smitty’ Smith, ‘Wild Wyatt’ Fonatine and ‘Boe Dog’ St. George all played a solid game on the blue line shutting down the attacking Pontiacs.

Peewee Avalanche

The Peewee Avalanche played two road games this past weekend coming home with a 500 record, one win and one loss.
On Saturday they traveled to Paradise Valley to take on the Jets. The Jets winning this one 7 to 3. Not sure what their  mother Andrea ‘Handy Andy’ Ballas fed her kids Saturday morning, but what ever it was it really worked. ‘Stellar Ella’ Ballas with a goal and two assists. Kaysen ‘Dynamite’ DeMossiac and ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford adding  one goal each. Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand and ‘Cyclone Cole’ Pierce with the assists.
On Sunday the Peewee team traveled to Frog Lake winning 7 to 2 over the T Birds. Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand with two goals and an assist . Top Gunner with two goals. Defenseman Gavin ‘Giver’ Kadutski getting the green light with a goal and two assists. Brayden ‘Pinball’ Pinette with one goal and one assist. The rugged defense woman, who doesn’t back down from anyone, especially the boys,  Spencer ‘Goldie Locks’ Malachowski hammering home her first goal of the year. ‘Stellar’ Ella , Evett ‘Snoop Dog’ Smereka and goalie ‘Goodyear Charlie’ Lesyk all with an assist in this one.

Bantam Avalanche

The Bantam Avalanche had two huge home wins this past weekend rolling over Cold Lake on Saturday with a 11 to 0 win. Shut out number two on the season for goalie Vanden ‘Super Mario’ Moroziuk. Four goals and four assists for ‘Mick Jager’ Fontaine. Cea Jay Quinney and Seth ‘Motorman’ Morton with two goals and one assist ‘Kid Kade’ Fontaine with a goal and two assists. Landon ‘the Magnificient’ Malachowski with a goal and an assist, Phoenix ‘Pony Express’ Quinney with a goal. Josef ‘the Red’ Theriault, Ryan ‘Ram Rod’ Cameron and ‘Saint Nic ‘ Penner all on the game sheet with one assist each.
On Grey Cup Sunday Plamondon came to town and the Avalanche put on the pre game show with lots of goals, assists and penalties in a 8 to 3 win. Mick Jager with another four goal game. He also added an assist. One goal and four assists for his younger brother the Kid Kade. Cea Jay Quinney with a goal and an assist. Motorman and Dean ‘the Machine’ Ockerman with one  goal each. Defenseman Landon the Magnificient with a very strong game on the blueline adding three assists. Speedy winger Wyatt ‘Wildman’ Pavoll creating some big turnovers with his crashing and banging punishing  body checks.
K. A. Campbell quote of the week. “There are two types of forwards. Scorers and bangers. Scorers score and bangers bang.” -Ken Dryden

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