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The Domino Effect

Image: Elk Point Micro-Novice Avalanche 

Tales from the Timebox: November 12th, 2019

Micro-Novice Avalanche

I wonder if the youngsters today ever even play dominoes?  On the ice the early Saturday morning the domino effect was happening. When one of the little guys happened to fall down (which was often) it created a chain reaction and they all fell down! Lots of grandparents in the stands to watch the first game of the year for the Micro -Novice. It was the first game ever for some of these young players like Aspyn Kelly, Jace Malo, Landon St. Arnault and Thomas Morris.  This first game couldn’t have been any better.  Shots on goal 36 to 35, The score 19 to 18 ( give or take a few as far as  the scorekeeper could tell)
Clear the track,  here comes Shack! Stetson ‘Shack ‘ Reynolds scoring six goals! A double hat trick for Shack. ‘Mount Everett’ Hahn finding the mesh with four goals and some sensational saves when it was his turn in net. Looking like his dad Ryan who was a goalie in the new mini-nets designed just for the little guys!  Tor the ‘Tornado’ Aarbo tearing down the ice with a hat trick. Greyson Koppang scoring a  hat trick too. Greyson also doing a fine job in net too. He looks and plays like his uncle Billy Hudy who used to play for the Avalanche.
First goal of his career for Jace Malo. His mom thinks he may be a little too aggressive on the puck from playing with his older brothers.  He was standing up for his team mates in the corners when they got knocked down.  ‘General Lee’ Barstad with a goal on a break away and some big toe saves when he was between the pipes. His daddy Arden was a goalie too !! Jay Large digging the puck out and creating turnovers, he was credited with three assists. And playing for the Glendon Comets, Murray and Wanda Cochrane grandson, Jace Hansen scored a hat trick against us. Maybe he was on the other team, but we still cheered. At least I did a little bit.

Atom Avalanche

Let’s hope all the teams in the Atom Tier II are not as strong as the Lloydminster Blazers.  This past week the Atom Avalanche ended up being placed in Tier II for the regular season.
On Saturday the team from the Border City were big and strong and  gave goaltender Brenden ‘Buzz Saw’ Kadutski a real work out. He faced 49 shots and most of the play was in our end of the rink for most of the game . ‘Without a Trace’ Morgan did block  a shot at center ice late in the game. Taking it in all the way in from the red line scoring   five hole was the only goal for the Avalanche. The Blazers with a dozen plus goals. In theory we should we belong in Tier Two if past history is any indication. Will it make us stronger by playing at this level ? Wait and see what next week brings.

Peewee Avalanche

A few weeks ago during the preseason the Peewee Avalanche played the Vermilion Tigers coming out on top; 7-4. Now both teams are in the Tier II where they should belong.
Saturday afternoon the Tigers came back to town. This time a little hungrier. They out shot the Avalanche 49 to 34 and won by a  6-4 score. Both of these teams have some great goaltending and many talented players. I would have to say that ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford played his best game of the year so far that I have watched. Top Gunner had tons of energy and seemed to be everywhere on the ice all the time. Forechecking and pick pocketing some of the Tigers with the puck, Top Gunner scored two goals and also had two assists. ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine not far behind him in play or points. He scored the other two goals and assisted on one. ‘Hurricane Kayl’ Warawa and Gavin ‘Giver’ Kadutski both played strong games on defense. Every time Giver would get the green light and take off on a rush, he knew he could always count on  Hurricane to  have his back. Kayl would drop back to hold the line of defense. Trystn ‘Twister’ Sakowski with some good shifts too. He’s getting  stronger on his skates and was putting some pressure on the Tigers.

Peewees on Sunday

On Sunday the Peewees traveled to Plamondon winning that one 7-5.  Two minutes into the game  Kaysen ‘ Dynamite’ DeMossiac blasted one into the mesh assisted by Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand. Mad Dog was off his leash and on a tear getting two unassisted goals late in the game. Brayden ‘ Pinball’ Pinette with a goal and an assist on a goal by ‘ Cyclone Cole’ Pierce.  Timmy ‘ the Train’ Cardinal finding the back of the net. Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand with the assist.

Bantam Avalanche

These guys were really feeling their oats and a little ornery on Saturday night at home in the dome! Both teams butting heads all night long. The sin bin at times had three or four players piled in there and the scorekeeper was to busy writing to watch any of  the action, when the Bantam Avalanche hosted the Lac La Biche Clippers. The Avalanche eventually winning this rough match 6-2. Four goals and two assists for ‘Mick Jager’ Fontaine who is back in action after missing a couple of games. He had  injured his arm a few weeks ago. His brother the grinder ‘Kid Kade’ with two goals.
Maybe he gets his strength from his hair? Samson  ‘Spiderman’ Rogal with three assists and some physical play on the boards. The big bruiser Brady ‘Bionic Man’ Hymanyk with an assist and a few trips to the sin bin. Free wheeling Cea Jay Quinney and his wingman Wyatt ‘Wildman’ Pavoll both had a strong night putting pressure on the Clippers defense with their relentless forechecking . On our blue line ‘Saint Nic’ Penner was doing an awesome job of holding the line. Goalie ‘Super Mario’ Moroziuk looked terrific on this night facing 45 shots. Super Mario was focused,  always in position and ready from the first drop of the puck to the final buzzer.

Out of Town Players

In out of town action Rylee ‘the Rocket’ Warawa celebrated her 14th birthday in Regina on Sunday. Her Lakeland Jaguars Female Bantam team went four games undefeated in the round robin in the tournament there. They won the silver medal in the final losing 2-1 to Swift Current. The Rocket scored two goals against the Warman Wildcats.
At the River Cree double rinks in Edmonton  this past weekend ,the Camrose Vikings Atom A  team with rugged D man Bode the ‘Hound Dog’ Bassett in the line-up, won all four games in the round robin and went all the way to the A final losing in overtime to Saskatoon.
Up in Bonnyville ‘King Kong Konnor’ Poitras is making a name for himself. Playing for the AA Panther bantam team that has been undefeated so far this year winning 10 games. They are ranked # 1 in Western Canada for AA bantams. King Kong is listed 7th in the league scoring with 10 goals and 7 assists.
K.A. Campbell quote of the week. ” Hockey is hitting people. What’s all the fuss about?” Coach Mary Leslie Ullman

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