Saturday , 23 October 2021

Stubbs, Yurdiga win landslides in Lakeland, Fort McMurray-Cold Lake ridings

The two Conservative candidates in the Lakeland riding win return to their seats in the House of Commons with huge support as opposition members to a minority Liberal government.

Lakeland riding candidate Shannon Stubbs and Fort McMurray-Cold Lake riding candidate David Yurdiga each won their seat with a cushion of over 18,000 votes.

The Liberal party will form a minority government with Justin Trudeau being the Prime Minister.

Results as of 10:05pm saw Stubbs receive 22,458 votes with NDP candidate Jeffrey Swanson earning the second most votes at 1,834 votes.

Liberal candidate Mark Watson earned 1,258 votes, PPC candidate Alain Houle earned 760 votes, Green Party candidate Kira Brunner got 563 votes, Libertarian candidate Robert McFadzean received 123 votes, and Roberta Graham of the Veterans Coalition Party earned under 100 votes.

David Yurdiga earned 20,388 votes, Liberal candidate Maggie Farrington received 2,540 votes, NDP candidate Matthew Gilks earned 1,750 votes, People’s Party candidate Matthew Barrett got 819 votes and Green Party candidate saw 485 votes as of 10:05pm on Monday night.

The Conservative Party won all the seats in Alberta and Saskatchewan with the exception of one riding as of 10:05pm.

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