Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Liberal candidate’s office “vandalized with racist, misogynist, hate speech”

Images sent to Liberal candidate Maggie Farrington’s office in Fort McMurray.

UPDATE 2:52pm. Fort McMurray RCMP have confirmed the incident has been reported and is under investigation

Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Liberal MP candidate Maggie Farrington’s campaign office was vandalized today with hateful images, the candidate said on social media.

The images were sent to her office in Fort McMurray and one said, “Those who sell out their race and their country should be purged from Canada.”

Farrington responded on her social media.

“Overnight our campaign office was vandalized with racist, misogynist hate speech and death threats to “purge” us for being Liberal,” Farrington said via Twitter.

“This is unacceptable. We live in Canada and diversity of people, opinions, and beliefs is what makes Canada great. But this racist, white nationalist, misogynist, threatening BS is way over the line.”

Lakeland Connect reached out to Maggie Farrington but could not be reached by publication time.

Farrington said via social media that Fort McMurray RCMP has been notified.

She is one of five candidates in the Fort McMurray-Cold Lake riding.

A statement from Fort McMurray is expect shortly.