Tuesday , 11 August 2020

Fighter Jets disheartened by AFL’s decision to suspend

Cold Lake Fighter Jets taking on the Calgary Wolfpack earlier this season.

The Cold Lake Fighter Jets have responded to their suspension from the Alberta Football League.

Yesterday, the number one seed in the AFL (7-1) was preparing to host the Fort McMurray Monarchs in the first round of the playoffs before they were barred from competition for the remainder of the season after contravening the AFL’s Compensation Act.

League Vice-President Tylor Johannesson said that their investigation showed that two players had paid for other players flights to Alberta.

The Fighter Jet’s responded via Facebook last night on the issue saying they are in disbelief and disheartened by the decision.

“It came to our attention early this week that the AFL was amidst an investigation regarding two players of the Cold Lake Fighter Jets allegedly being given financial assistance by another player, specifically by aiding in paying for their flights to Alberta. This news has come with absolute disbelief from our players and not-for-profit board members.

“The AFL’s Vice President, Tylor Johannesson, has stated that even he is certain that 95% of our players and board members were unaware of the alleged infraction of the league bylaw. Johannesson additionally says, “this does not reflect on the organization of the Cold Lake Fighter Jets. It was two people that unfortunately ruined it for everyone else”.

“We are incredibly disheartened that our entire roster of athletes, as well as our supportive community members, must be penalized with such circumstances. We are doing everything we can to have this decision overturned, and we will continue to keep our fans up to date with any developments.”

At the moment there has been no update from the league on the Fighter Jet’s status.

AFL Vice-President Tyler Johannsesson said yesterday that the Fighter Jets would not be suspended next season for the infraction.

Johannesson added that the suspension does no reflect on the Fighter Jets organization.

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