MP Stubbs warns of feds “secret fuel tax”

Conservative MP of the Lakeland Shannon Stubbs is warning that a “secret fuel tax” could add more costs on top of the federal carbon tax.

In December, the Liberals announced their new fuel standard plan which will force cleaner-burning fuels to lower carbon emissions by 30 million tonnes a year by 2030.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer wrote a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on Monday promising he would scrap the fuel standard plan.

In the past two days, MP Shannon Stubbs has posted videos talking about the fuel standard.

“Let me tell you about another liberal attack on Canada’s lil and gas sector that they’re trying to hide from you.

“But there’s another attack coming, it’s the Liberal’s Fuel Standard and it’s a direct attack on upstream oil and gas. It a nutshell, the federal government is using strict regulations to limit the carbon intensity of fuels.

Stubbs said the Liberals are hiding this information because they know how damaging it is during an election year.

“The end result is jobs and investment will continue to leave Canada, permanently crippling Canada’s oil and gas industry with devastating impacts on the whole economy. It’s part of Prime Minister Trudeau’s plan to phase out Canadian oil and gas.”

The Liberals say that consultation on the fuel standard has just begun and aren’t sure what the costs will be.