Germain takes over as St. Paul Canadiens head coach

The St. Paul Jr. B Canadiens announced Shawn Germain will return to the team as head coach. Image credit: St Paul Canadiens.  

The St. Paul Canadiens have settled their coaching staff.

Shawn Germain will take over as head coach and Jamie Evans, who joined the staff last year, takes over the GM role.

In June, coach and general manager Joe Young was let go from the team.

Germain said he’s excited about the head coaching position.

“It feels good. I’m excited to take on a new role. We’re recruiting like crazy right now. So just trying to get everything in order to start the season. It’s right around the corner,” said Germain.

Corey Demossiac will return as an assistant coach and Brent Labrie has been added to the staff.

The Canadiens were bounced from the NEAJBHL playoffs in five games by the Wainwright Bisons in the second round.

The Canadiens finished the regular season in 4th in the NEAJBHL with a 20-11-1 record.

The team will work on replacing captain Dyson Roy, scorer Braydon Burak and defencemen Bailey Lonsberry and Nicholas Klassen who graduated from the team.

“We lose our four 21-year-olds. From what I understand, our BC guys are all excited to come back. I’ve talked to most of the local guys and they are also returning.

“We have quite a bit of interest as far as some of the new up-and-coming local players from around the area who are all excited to come to camp. It’s a pretty exciting time. We’ve had a lot unfold here in the last little bit and I think it’s going to continue to just keep growing,” said Germain.

Germain started as an assistant coach last season with the team.

The Canadiens alum played with the Junior B squad from 1999-2001.

“I think we’re just going to try and build on what we did last year and keep building that culture that we started last year and become one of the elite teams in this league.

“I think this town deserves a championship and that’s our number one goal is to bring a league championship back to St. Paul,” said Germain.

“I want to bring back and create a really good relationship with the minor hockey, in the community, schools and businesses and all that kind of stuff. I think it’s going to be great. So we have a lot of great ideas in mind. And we’re just getting ready to roll with it right now.”