Footprints Infertility group and Bonnyville Medicial Clinic supporting miscarriage victims

President of the Bonnyville Medical Clinic, Theresa Watson and Blaise Hunter, founder of the Footprints Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Initiative have partnered up.

The Bonnyville Medical Clinic is partnering with Blaise Hunter to improve support on the frontlines.

Hunter, founder of Footprints Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Initiative, needed funding to launch her efforts in the clinic and the community stepped up.

“I put out a call to action for the Lakeland and they responded,” details Hunter. “Within a week, I received $5,700 to proceed with implementing the distribution of support bags to parents the moment their trauma happens as well as to those who are struggling with infertility. The community spoke loud and clear that they want these bags and
they support me in my efforts to invoke positive change.”

The support bags will be rolling out over the summer months to women and couples who experience a miscarriage or stillbirth.

From the large amount of donations, Hunter said she is working with Hearts for Healthcare to hand out bags in Cold Lake.

They include a copy of Hunter’s book Heroine, hand made bracelets with footprints on them and  a postcard saying we honor their footprints, a certificate of life for their unborn, information on the support group meetings, handouts about mental health from Alberta Health Services, and a free sound therapy session for anyone suffering from these issues donated by Bonnyville woman Matilda.

“We’re going to inject a whole bunch of empathy, love and support,” said Hunter.

Roughly 100 women in Bonnyville will experience a miscarriage or stillbirth in a year, doctors and Hunter estimate.

President of the Bonnyville Medical Clinic, Theresa Watson, is pleased with the alliance.

“We are always looking for new ways to enhance patient care and Footprints is such a great initiative that brings empathy and support to a part of the system that has been in the shadows for far too long. The staff of the BMC is delighted to implement the Footprints support bags in the clinic and we know this is such a wonderful program for the area.”

The Footprints Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Initiative is taking a brief summer hiatus and will return in the fall.

“My vision is to give a voice to our angel babies and be an advocate for grieving parents,” said Hunter.

“No longer do we need to suffer in silence and feel alone. It is time to start addressing infertility and loss as a mental
health issue and not just a medical one. I am so pleased to have the full support of the doctors and I am beyond excited about our collaboration to bring healing tools and mental health resources into the system.”