Elk Point RCMP pleased with Safe Grad safety

Elk Point grads drive safely

Elk Point RCMP members on patrol following F. G. Miller Jr/Sr High School grad on June 28 were impressed with how responsibly the students left the party.

Sergeant David Henry reported that a traffic enforcement member and a town member pulled over about 50 vehicles in a checkstop with 100% compliance, meaning there were zero impaired drivers.

Sgt. Henry commented that the Safe Grad was excellent, with good parents who monitored the kids effectively.

He said that the message about having a sober designated driver (DD) is getting across. The education is working.

He is optimistic that the overall impaired driving rate will go down with this responsible generation of drivers.

Speed warning monitor

A complaint by a resident has motivated Elk Point Town Council to ask about borrowing the county’s speed clock.

The clock would be placed along Highway 41 where it passes through town (48th Street) and would display how fast drivers are going, with a reminder that the speed limit is 50 km/h.