Saturday , 1 October 2022
Cold Lake RCMP S/Sgt. Scott Buchanan, Victim Services David Zimmerman, Kenneth Stead, Anne Stead, Mayor Craig Copeland, Councillor Bob Buckle, Councillor Vicky Lefebvre in May 2019.

Cold Lake man commended for bravery

Image provided: (left to right) S/Sgt. Scott Buchanan, David Zimmerman, Kenneth Stead, Anne Stead, Mayor Craig Copeland, Councillor Bob Buckle, Councillor Vicky Lefevre. 

Kenneth Stead has been presented a Certificate of Bravery from the Cold Lake RCMP Detachment.

S/Sgt. Scott Buchanan presented Kenneth Stead, with a Certificate of Bravery and for showing extraordinary disregard for his own personal safety and sustained serious injuries in order to save a life prior to police response stemming from an incident which occurred on June 13, 2018, where a domestic dispute was in progress.

The child of the victim ran next door looking for help for his mom who was being attacked. Stead attended the nearby residence to help the woman in distress and while trying to assist the victim, the offender engaged him.

Stead thought he had been punched, moments later, he realized he had actually been stabbed.

Kenneth’s wife Anne Stead was also in attendance and received flowers, at which time Kenneth said “just to say, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her, she actually nursed me to where I am today so, I give all the thanks to her.  She’s my rock.”

The Site Manager of the Cold Lake Health Care Centre, Catherine Garon, was in attendance to show her support and stated “All the stars lined up for this heroic citizen who was resuscitated before going to the operating room less than 20 minutes after his arrival at the Cold Lake Healthcare Centre; driven to us by his very brave wife from the scene of the stabbing.

“It was all hands on deck; first by the quick-thinking Admitting Staff who alerted the physician and nurses in the Emergency Department when Kenneth collapsed in the lobby, the x-ray technicians and the lab techs who typed, screened and cross matched Mr. Stead for much needed blood transfusions, the STAT response of the surgeon, anesthetist and three other physicians who answered the call for help immediately.

“Any non-medical person watching the commotion at the time might have felt it was chaotic but I know the performance that day by this highly trained team of medical professionals was a well-oiled and well-orchestrated effort to save Kenneth’s life. I am so glad he is alive and well and able to accept this much deserved award for bravery and I congratulate both him and his wife for being the kind of citizens I want living next to me.”

Approximately 90 people attended the detachment to share refreshments with the Police Officers and Support Staff.  The RCMP would like to thank everyone whom attended and celebrated Police Week with us!

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