Starbucks coming to Cold Lake

Image credit: Starbucks

One of the world’s most famous coffee sellers in the world is coming to Cold Lake.

Mayor of Cold Lake Craig Copeland said that the famous chain Starbucks has applied for a development permit at the Tri-City Mall beside the RBC Bank. It would be part of a three-unit building, Copeland said.

Construction could begin as early as this spring.

“This is a good one. We worked for many years, Kevin [Nagoya, CAO] especially, councillor Buckle and others, went to Whistler to the big trade shows to try to get Starbucks interested in Cold Lake. It’s great that they’re going to come into the area because we always get a lot of people asking when Starbucks is coming,” said Copeland.

Copeland said he isn’t sure whether Starbucks is buying the building or leasing it from the developer, “but there is a development permit on that lot to probably build in the spring,” he said.

“We’re excited to see business investing in our community.”