Thursday , 16 September 2021

Bonnyville dancer will perform on-stage with Mini Pop Kids during tour stop

Mia Lyndon will be dancing with Ignite Danceworks on stage with Mini Pop Kids in Saskatoon on March 16th.

A 13-year-old dancer from Bonnyville is getting the opportunity to share the stage with other talented kids from across the country.

Mia Lyndon will be joining the Ignite Danceworks team for a one-time performance alongside the Mini Pop Kids on March 16.

She was handpicked for the show in March in Saskatoon.

Mia’s reaction? “It was cool. I was at school, so I couldn’t really react much, but it was awesome to hear,” she said.

Mia will only get one chance to practice with the team before the performance, so she’s working diligently on memorizing the routine ahead of the show.

While Mia also plays soccer in the summertime, dancing is her main activity. She performs in the styles of hip-hop, contemporary, tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet, and modern.

She’s starting to get more work with her mom’s talent agency called Flair Talent Agency. Her first paid performance was in Calgary after being hired to choreograph a dance to a poem.

She’s been to Paris, Spain, and Los Angeles for dance tours and is working on receiving scholarships for the future.

“When she was little and started dancing, I thought uh oh, because I was a soccer player growing up, and you see other dance moms and you think there’s a lot of drama,” said Mia’s mom Gina Lapointe.

“But it’s been great and Mia loves it and we support her.”

Mia dances with the Fame Dance Studio, who are gearing up for a heavy competition season. Their first competition stop is in Jasper next month.

She’ll be participating in up to nine group performances, three solos, and two duets.

“We haven’t had anybody really come out of the area for dance…the reason she’s done so well is she takes all the opportunities she gets,” Gina said.

Although it’s a long way away for the Grade 8 student, Mia may look to dance professionally, but it’s not an easy field to break into.

She hopes to learn choreography or take classes in Vancouver when she’s old enough.

“Unless you get on tour with someone, the life of a professional dancer is very tough…I’m not even sure what it entails,” said Gina.

In the meantime, Mia is looking forward to her opportunity with the Mini Pop Kids tour and to the competition season.

“There are so many other good dancers, Mia’s been lucky on what’s she’s accomplished because there is a lot of talented dancers around here,” said Gina Lapointe.

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