Study Will Look at Options For New Swimming Pool at C2

The Town and MD of Bonnyville are putting money aside for a study that will explore options for a new swimming pool at the Centennial Centre.

Each municipality has agreed to spend up to $30,000 to do the visioning and feasibility study.

“I think it’s really important we do it,” said Councillor Colbourne during town council Tuesday.

“We had some really good discussion on our pool committee. We came to a consensus that our pool is over 40 years old, and a good lifespan on a pool is 40 years, so we’ve got the lifespan out of the pool. I think its important that we at least look at something would be for a new pool.”

The study will look at concept ideas, find out the costs, and ask residents what they’d like to see. The regional aquatics centre committee will use comparable towns and facilities as a guide.

“I think you have to do the study…you don’t know anything until you do this study,” said Councillor Prevost at the council meeting.

“We’ve heard so many rumours, $30 million, $40 million, nobody knows. I think we have to do it,” he said.

The study will only look at building at the Centennial Centre and no other locations. Rebuilding or updating the current swimming pool was ruled out by the committee,

“We’re trying to create a hub for Bonnyville, so everything is kind of done in one area, and that was the idea when the C2 was first built.” said Colbourne.

Mayor Gene Sobolewski thanked the committee for their work.

“This is exactly where we wanted to get to – instead of all over the place,” said Sobolewski.