New Bylaw Prohibits Public Smoking of Cannabis in Bonnyville

Public smoking of cannabis will not be allowed in Bonnyville.

That’s what the Town decided at their council meeting Tuesday night by a vote of 4-3 (Sobolewski, Colbourne, McEvoy) after re-opening the issue last month.

Since legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17, public cannabis smoking fell under the town’s smoking bylaw, which allowed for public use.

Now, it is being treated the same way as alcohol and regulated through Provincial guidelines, the bylaw reads.

Users will be allowed to consume on private property.

The fine for the first offense is $200.00.

Cannabis signage

Cannabis retail outlets in the town will not be limited to the number of signs they’re allowed outside of their shop.

Before council decided to re-open the bylaw, they were limiting future businesses to one sign.

The town has received development permits for two cannabis shops, The Hive and Canna Cabana, to be located beside each other on 5504 and 5506 50th Avenue.

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