New Crime Map Will Show Where Crime is Happening in Bonnyville

There is now a map tracking crimes in Bonnyville https://bit.ly/2D8AUtV. S/S Parke explains with Councillor Colbourne that this is an Alberta-wide project and will keep the public informed on what crimes are happening in their neighbourhood. Thanks to Choquet Insurance Group Ltd. and @Bluewave Energy Bonnyville for keeping us connected.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

An RCMP campaign that hopes to give accurate information about crime in their community is up and running in Bonnyville.

The public crime map, launched Tuesday, is a map of the town that shows what crimes are being committed and where they are happening for 14 days.

“It allows us to share some of our statistical data with the community, in hopes that the community can use that information to their benefit,” said S/Sgt. Parke.

“And subsequently reply back to us to hopefully reduce these crimes, and to solve the crimes that have been committed,” she said.

The map will focus on property crimes: theft from a motor vehicle, theft of a motor vehicle, mischief, break and enters. It is live on the Town of Bonnyville website.

This initiative is province-wide and allows the RCMP to look for trends in areas of the town, and in the types of crimes that are committed there, said S/Sgt. Sarah Parke.

It also wants to quash rumours on social media about what might be happening with accurate information.

“It just gives us as the RCMP an extra set of eyes and ears to the people,” S/Sgt. Parke said.

They are also looking to expand its capability for emergency situation flags, like a school lockdown or a dangerous situation.

“I think it’s important that we take into consideration the concern there is for crime,” said town councillor Chad Colbourne. “The residents of Bonnyville have said they feel a little unsafe at times, so this will be another deterrent, and a great tool to use for constituents to us.”

Users will be able to see what block the crime occurred on, but not the precise address as to maintain privacy.

The funding comes from the provincial government’s $10 million spend earlier this year to hire more police officers in rural areas, and for new initiatives.

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