Outdoor Rink “a go” at the C2

The conditions the Centennial Centre had before purchasing an outdoor rink have been met. They’ve purchased the rink, and it’s coming from Canmore with the hope to be ready by December.

“Everything checked out. The outdoor rink is a go for sure,” said C2 general manager Todd Muir.

Bonnyville town council approved the C2’s request of $25,000 on Tuesday after it passed Muir’s inspection. These were the two stipulations remaining before it was a done deal.

“It was excellent as far as the condition it’s in. Fifty per cent of the boards have been replaced over the years, very much like new boards. I think the total cost of it came down to $30,000, and that’s with delivery right to our door.

“And when I looked at the new rinks in comparison, the same kind of rinks, same boards, same everything..it’s right in the $115,000 range. So a considerable savings.”

The rink will be placed north of the skate park in the C2 parking lot. The plan is to build walkways so it’s easy to access in the winter.

“The rink is expected to be delivered here early October, and we’re already working on prepping the area and planning for its setup. Then, weather permitting with the ice and everything, we’d like it to open early December. Sometime in December.”

Canmore is buying a new outdoor rink, which made this rink available to the C2.