C2 in Talks to Purchase Outdoor Rink

The Centennial Centre is in talks to acquire a used outdoor rink from Canmore, which they hope will be ready when winter begins.

But, there are two conditions before the C2 goes ahead with the purchase: $25,000 financing from the Town of Bonnyville, and an inspection from Todd Muir, general manager of the C2.

If those two things happen, the process will begin right away.

“It’s great to have more ice available to the public in general with no real time restrictions for them, outside of whatever we cap it off in the evening,” said Muir.

“An outdoor rink in general has got its own attractiveness to it. Kids all over the country practice on those outdoor rinks. It’s a different time of shinny and different type of play. It’s got that special quality to it and that’s why you see the NHL guys still having outdoor games, right.”

Muir says expectations should be tempered before anyone gets too excited, but it would be a great addition.

The Municipal District of Bonnyville approved the C2’s funding request at yesterday’s council meeting for $25,000 to help with the cost.

Currently, there is no such facility in Bonnyville.

The C2 say they can maintain it within their existing budget, and use an old zamboni to clean the ice.

It would go north of the skate park on the east side of the C2.

The outdoor rink is close to NHL standard size at 185 x 75ft. It’s comprised of galvanized steel, ultraviolet puckboard, and chainlink netting on both ends.

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