Haying in the 30’s Celebrates 20 Years of Fundraising

“The first event was over by the highway, and I think they had 15 people, raised $3500. Last year we raised $262,000 in the two days. We’ve probably helped about 5000 people now,” said Martin Naundorf.

Naundorf has been the president of Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society for three years. This year was the 20th version of the annual agricultural bash in Mallaig that simulates farm and rural life from the Dirty Thirties.

Activities such as well boring, knife making, and moose calling are just some of the many anachronistic things to do.

In celebration of 20 years, an archive building will now house the displays and articles collected since the start of the event.

The new Haying in the 30’s Archives building

Also, a tree was planted in memory of founder Edgar Corbiere, who passed away in April. His display includes a tractor he built when he was 67 years old.

Corbiere’s family had dealt with cancer before. It was his idea to raise money for cancer sufferers to offset the many costs that come with treatment.

“It’s a totally free event. The camping is free, all the food is free, live entertainment. It’s a free weekend. We only ask you visit the donation booth,” said Naundorf.

The core of 50 volunteers work two months in advance to prepare the grounds and operate the equipment. Hundreds more lend their time during the weekend to make it a success.

They also budget the donations so that 40 families per month receive money raised from the event. That’s 480 families in a year.

Naundorf hopes they break $300,000 this year in donations.

Despite the downpour Saturday, 2300 people were at Haying in the 30s for supper. A couple thousand more came Sunday under the bright sun.

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