Cross-Country Charity Motorcycle Ride Stops in Lakeland

Retired military and police visited the lakeland Friday during a stop on their 23 day charity motorcycle trip starting in Victoria, BC and finishing in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The Bonnyville legion donated $500 to their cause during their luncheon Friday: the Military Police Fund for Blind Children. It’s the oldest charity established by Canadian military beginning in 1959, and it’s the preferred charity for military police across Canada.

“This ride was founded ten years ago by military policemen as a way to do burn off some steam over the summer, and raise some money for charity as well,” said Craig Thomson, legion president in Kamloops.

“It’s been going on for ten years, and hopefully it will continue for another ten.”

Over 20 former military are riding the entire trip, while many others are joining when they can.


Duane Hite, Bonnyville legion manager, presents a $500 cheque to the retired military riders.

Thomson did the ride nationally last year, and this year his wife is joining him on the trip. Since it’s the tenth anniversary, the group promoted the event harder, and it’s resulted in the most amount of couples there’s been on a ride.

“Everything’s got a shelf life and you never know how long it’s gonna last. And we wanted to make sure the tenth was a big push. That’s why you see so many couples.”

The riders will make 70 or so stops during the trip, lunching at legions and staying at military bases.

“Next year they can come for steak supper,” joked Duane Hite, Bonnyville legion manager.

“We’re just proud to help them any way we can.”

The ride is represented by members of the Canadian Army Veterans and Blue Knights (a law enforcement motorcycle club).

Their Facebook page is Military Police Fund for Blind Children.