Bug Off

Tales from the Doug-Out: July 10th, 2018

Sometimes in the middle of the night you can hear a buzzing sound in your ear. The little buggers never seem to land long enough that you can swat it, until it bites you and still gets away with it! Ouch!
The Mosquitoes Sox Provincial team were buzzing and biting this past weekend, down in Lacombe. They split two games Saturday, with a win and a close loss.
Winning their first game 20 to 13 over Edmonton. The bats were hot in this one, lots of swats and lots of hits by the Sox. Two singles and a double for the lead off batter ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford. A single and a triple for Koltin Davies,  Brayden ‘Pinball’ Pinette with a single,  Kale ‘the Hawk’ Ockerman with two singles, Timmy ‘the Freight Train’ Cardinal with a single and a double for ‘Cyclone Cole’ Pierce.
The second game they came from behind to almost squeak out a win, losing to the host Lacombe. 17 to 16. Not a lot of hits in this one, the bats went very quite, but they still managed to score 10 runs in the final inning with some great base running to make it a close contest.
‘Top Gunner’ with a double and a single was the only one to make any contact with the ball. The rest of the team showed a lot of patience at the plate, taking lots of walks to first and some of our players were hit by a pitch, taking one for the team to get on base and make the game very interesting in the end.
On Sunday even though our team was hitting the ball really well once more. The host team, Lacombe got out the best of us, our Sox  lost that one by the ten run mercy rule, 20 to 9.
A single and a triple for ‘Top Gunner’, while Koltin Davies, ‘the Hawk’ Rylan Dustow and ‘Cyclone Cole’ all with one single each. The ‘ Freight Train’ had a single and a smacked a hot liner that was caught by the second base man for the final out, otherwise it was going to the fence for sure and would have driven some runs and kept the game alive.
This coming weekend the Mosquitoes will be playing at home, on Bassett Field. The Elk Point slow pitch league final tournament will be on also using all the other diamonds. Come on down to the ball park, have a hot dog and check it out.
The Lakeland Bantam Northstars Provincial team had no competition this past weekend when they also played a provincial round robin and cleaned up big time down in Stettler. They wonw all three games by the ten run mercy rule, defeating Sherwood Park, Stettler and Barrhead quite easily.
Somehow Baseball Alberta has them seated in the wrong tier this month and they should be moved up at least one or two tiers for some better competition for everyone involved. This coming weekend they will travel down to Calgary and may meet some tougher competition.
A big happy birthday going out today to our daughter in law in Camrose Kristin Bassett.
And now for the K.A. Campbell quote of the week. ” I think the baseball field must be the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s so honest and precise. And we play on it. Every star gets humbled. Every mediocre player has a great moment. – Jim Lefebvre